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I’ll be headed out East a week from now, so I’m trying to get my ducks in a row (creepy stalkers, be reminded – I’m leaving behind my husband, and my murderous house-protecting robots! And also my cat. YEAH).


The following things are on our to-do list:

  • Exchange Moby, our beloved but ancient 32″ HD TV for a friend’s discarded 36″ equally-massive television set.
  • Get a hair cut
  • Pack
  • Lose 15 pounds so I look fabulous for the relatives
  • Baby-proof (Babby is now able to balance precariously on all fours and make little bunny hops…)
  • Transform outdoor garden patch from frightening wilderness to pleasant patio
  • Make the dog more like a dog and less like a yeti

Oh, and did I mention that we have a houseguest (one of PH’s old friends who I have never met) coming for a visit on Thursday? So we also have to clean the house. Which is good, actually, because we deperately want a clean house but need a good kick in the pants to tackle such a massive undertaking.

So, today we have done a lot of tidying, but have A LOT left to do (everything remaining involves making a lot of noise, which is why I am blogging. We’re waiting for Babby to wake up from an inexplicably long nap). PH is putting up the baby gate.

I tried to weed the other day, when there was a break in the incessant drizzle of the last couple of months (we’ve had an unusually cold and wet spring) but the grass was so high that I had trouble finding the dandelions at all.

When the weeds are bigger than the baby, YOU'VE LEFT IT TOO LONG

Then Babby started eating dirt and I called it a day.

"I regret nothing!"

PH is going to weed whack, rain or no, later today.  Then I can weed and Babby can play outside… hopefully with less eating.

long grass...