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I got my IUD yesterday. A good friend picked me up, took me in, and held Babby in the waiting room while I laid on my back with no bottoms on under a paper sheet and suffered flashbacks of eight months ago.

It’s funny, you’d think giving birth and such would make me be all like “Pah, nothing down there can ever bother me again” BUT NO. I feel like the birth happened to someone else, and I’m still me, still uncomfortable with people sticking things up my hoo-ha.

The actual insertion was fine. Uncomfortable, very, and a surprising amount of blood was spilled in the process, but uneventful. Dr. Gooch told me to come back in two months, and suggested I use an alternate form of birth control “just in case” for the first month. Why?? I thought I would be rewarded for suffering through this by never thinking about such things ever again!

I had cramping the rest of yesterday and into this morning, and I was uncomfortable but it still wasn’t as bad as, say, labour. So I ate the chocolate PH brought me and curled up on the couch and suffered through it.

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to say was:

As much as I love blogging for NO MONEY, and as committed as I am to not becoming a corporate schill (I guarantee you that I will never take money to put up ads on this site, and that if I ever review something, it’s because I wanted to, not just because I was offered free stuff or money. I will also make it very, very clear if I ever am given compensations for any kind of marketing, not that I think I am likely to do that.) I have no money. I would really, really like to change this.

I have dreams of someday someone paying me tons to sit at home and write, and not having to put Babby in care. Right now, I’m thrilled to get paid any amount of money for anything I write. The BlogHer syndication post was a dream come true for that reason.

But this Good Blogs site pays bloggers whose posts get voted onto their front page!

I made a post. If y’all wanted to visit it, and click the “it’s good!” button, that would be cool, y’all. It basically revisits and then updates on the whole IUD situation.

Please click through and vote. Babby needs new socks.

FEET. I has dem.

No, seriously, he does. Think of those poor sockless baby feet and visit my off-blog post!

Thank you. I Love you. If any of you join, I’ll vote on your posts too, promise.