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I’m going to be home in less than a month! 

Since Perfect Husband hasn’t been home for more than two or three days (at Christmas) in years, we’re taking a proper vacation in Nova Scotia. We’re going to catch up with old friends and relatives, make them all admire our baby while he spits up all over them, and then I’m going to dump water on his head.

I’m not religious, and PH is downright atheist, so a Christening seems a little odd, I know. But I believe in doing a naming ceremony for the baby. All cultures tend to have some form of tradition around naming the baby or welcoming him into the family, and in our culture, a Christening seems like the only way to do that. I wish we could just formally name him and welcome him to the family and eat cake without anyone trying to cleanse my child of inborn evil or dedicating his life to Christ, but that doesn’t appear to really be an option.

Plus, I think it’s important to my mother, who is the daughter of an Anglican minister.

In any case, I’m very excited to be going home. I am looking forward to seeing my friends, my family, and maybe taking Babby to Peggy’s Cove or my old university.

Among the many people I can't wait to see are my boy cousins, one of whom drew this awesome picture of my fur babbies

The extra-awesome thing is that the Halifax Meetup of Dooce Community members is totally happening while I’m home. I can’t wait to meet all of these bloggers. I hope they like me.

If anyone else wants to meet up with my while I’m in town, I’d love to schedule you in. Drop me an email or twitter or some such (I’d just like to point out that after all that pressure to join Twitter, I finally have and I only have 9 followers. I haven’t felt this much of a loser since I was one of the first people I knew on Facebook and wandered around going “hellooo? Is anyone else on here?”).

I’m leaving in midMay (since I don’t have the restriction of vacation time) and PH is joining me later. That means I’ll be flying across the country with Babby alone. AGAIN. It’ll be worth it, but oh boy, it’s going to be a long flight.

NOTE: to all of you creepy internet stalkers who think you know that my home will be empty and are already planning to break in and masturbate gloomily in the kitchen – TOO BAD! Perfect Husband will be home for the first while, and then when he leaves the house it will be guarded by robots with axes.

And they won’t be Asimov “Three Laws” robots. They’ll be, like, Chopping Mall robots.

So yeah. Watch out.