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Perfect Husband knows that on nice days, I like to walk with the dog and the baby to Esso (except sometimes I call it “the Irving” because apparently my brain has still not adjusted to three years outside of the Maritimes), buy myself a chocolate bar, and walk home.

The round trip is about a kilometre walk, which probably doesn’t burn nearly as many calories as a chocolate bar puts on, but the important thing is, I’m rewarding myself for walking. It builds positive associations in my mind, and eventually I should be able to wean myself off of the chocolate. I’m already buying smaller/fewer bars than I was originally, and now I actually miss the walk on rainy days (which have been most days, the last couple of weeks).

So that’s good.

Well, Perfect Husband came home the other day with a 16 bar assortment pack, with Snickers and Twix and Mars bars in it. His logic was that if I had the bars at home but used them as rewards, I might walk to places OTHER than the Esso.

We call them Walkolate bars.

So, where should I go today?

Hmm. We’re out of pop.

Maybe I’ll walk to the Esso.