Coffee the other day with my friend was really nice. She loves babies and she fussed over Babby the whole time. She lit right up for him. Babby had a great time because she knows all kinds of fun rhymes for babies (she used to foster babies when she was younger). I learned a couple of new ones!

I love going to Timmy’s, even though I don’t actually drink coffee. I go for the sandwiches and doughnuts. You know what I mean, though.

Happily, my friend actually does drink coffee, so we were able to let Babby have a few sips. The Baby Led Weaning book says to make sure they try as wide a variety of things as possible, so I grab every opportunity to let Babby try things that PH and I don’t normally eat – shellfish, red wine, that sort of thing.

Don’t worry, we made sure the coffee had cooled down before we let Babby have any!

I think he liked it.

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In other news, he’s been really fussy lately, and he seems to have suffered another sleep regression – here’s hoping he sleeps better tonight!