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Perfect Husband found a fun webpage, and it has spurred me into making a NEW pronunciation meme.

The webpage was about commonly mispronounced words (yes, that’s our idea of fun). We spent almost an hour going through the list, with PH spelling the word for me and then asking me to pronounce it, comparing it with how he pronounces it (his family is American and it shows in some of his speech) and then checking to see if I did it right. I was surprised by some of the “mispronunciations” this page lists.

Many of them I pronounce “correctly” (which the author of the page defines as the original pronunciation). Some of them I do not. Some of them PH pronounces correctly, which I do not, and I pronounce correctly, which he does not.

So now I’m curious about the rest of you.


Want to play?

FIRST: Take a video of yourself reading the following sentences aloud. Try to be honest and pronounce words the way you usually do, instead of how you think they should be pronounced (because then you’ll look really silly if you’re wrong and no one will believe you when you say “I normally say it right!”).

  1. There are no penguins in the Arctic, but many in Antarctica.
  2. I like the mauve flowers and lovely foliage in this garden.
  3. I liked the electoral candidate’s clothes.
  4. I died of diphtheria in Oregon Trail.
  5. I especially need an espresso on Monday mornings.
  6. I haven’t seen a film since February.
  7. Be careful going up the library steps – you’re liable to fall.
  8. The point is moot.
  9. My son is often mischievous.
  10. My doctor will probably write a prescription.
  11. I am going to ask my realtor if all this jargon is relevant.
  12. We went to Tijuana for a well earned respite.
  13. I did my utmost to convince her that she isn’t fat – just voluptuous!
  14. Supposedly this guy has a degree in zoology.
  15. The meme is about pronunciation.

Tomorrow: I will post a vid of ME saying these words, and an answer key, you can learn what words I pronounce wrong!

I bet you can’t wait.