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The weather is too miserable to go for a walk. I wish I had a way of wearing Babby on my hip or back. He likes to be carried but it’s hard for me to get anything done around the house when he’s hanging out front like that.


Maybe there are more ways to tie the Sleepy Wrap. Hip and back carries.

After a visit to Youtube:

Apparently there are! Must try some of these.

One very cranky baby and a lot of failed attempts later:

Hmm. This wrap seems too stretchy for these ties. It may be worn out, or naturally too stretchy. I wonder if there are used wraps on craigslist that might be a tighter material?

A visit to craigslist ensues:

Wow, these things resell for almost retail price! I don’t have 40 bucks to spend on another wrap. I like my wrap fine, but I want different carries. Also, I do wish I could have something super stylish, like this:

But that’s over 100 bucks. That’s a ridiculous amount of money when you think of the fact that most wraps are just long pieces of cloth. Maybe I could just buy cloth. Can I do that?

Google “make my own baby wrap”:

Apparently so! Wow, these sites claim I could buy fabric for my own wrap and get a new, less stretchy one for five bucks. I wonder if there are any fabric stores around here…

Google fabric stores in my area:

Hey, they have cloth prices online! Let’s see what a cotton jersey knit would cost… 15 dollars a yard?! At 5 yards of wrap, that’s pricier than my brand name wrap! WTF?

A phone call to my mother later:

Okay, my mother is going to check her local fabric store for more reasonable prices. I’ll have to send her these links about making your own wrap. Hey, here’s a new one. Rebozo. What’s a Rebozo?

After some Internet research:

Rebozos look awesome! They’re like pashminas that also carry your baby! I like the bright colours. Stylish and useful! And they’re shorter than standard wraps. That would be good. I could get a non-stretchy fabric for a rebozo and keep my stretchy Sleepy Wrap and then I’d have two different kinds of carrier!


I have a pashmina. I’m sure it’s too short, but I should check.


Where IS my pashmina?


Seriously, where the hell did it go? It should be with the scarves. Why is it not with the scarves?

…Perfect Husband came home to find me ransacking the coat closet and threatening to tear the house apart because I’ve misplaced my pashmina. He convinced me that he has not stolen it for his own nefarious purposes and that it will turn up.