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Well, we DID go swimming and Babby liked it! The water was warm enough, although the air was not. You’d think indoor heated pool = warm inside, but it turns out the pool is heated but the building not so much. Or at least, not well enough. So while swimming was fine, his upper arms began to turn blue (meanwhile his body and legs IN THE WATER were pink *eyeroll*) so we took him out and home, which involved a lot of frantic wrapping in towels and unhappy Babby.

But swimming was great. He kicked and splashed and had a great old time. I didn’t try dipping his head under the water, mostly because with the air so cold, I didn’t want his head to get wet! Maybe next time.


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Now I’m trying to figure out how to get my hands on an inexpensive way of taking underwater pictures/video. A casing for my video camera is prohibitively expensive, but I think a casing for the still camera might be cheaper…