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It’s one of THOSE days.

You know.

I dreamed about a friend who was very close once but grew distant when I got pregnant. She has ignored birthday greetings from me and has not acknowledged the existence of my child. Thinking about her makes me sad, and these dreams pop up occasionally and make me sadder.

I tried to get a referral over the phone from my doctor, but was told that I had to come in and tell my doctor to her face that she is a moron. That did not encourage me.

PH went to the store to pick up the crib we ordered, only to discover that it is in a very large square box much bigger than the dimensions for the crib, and that it will not fit in our car. It is wider than our car. This presents a problem since I don’t want my baby to sleep in a warehouse. I will have to pester friends with trucks.

I was going to take Babby for his first swim today, but I”m afraid it will bum me out more if he hates it. But if I don’t  go at all I’ll feel even more like I didn’t get anything accomplished. Maybe I WILL take him in a fit of optimism.

I think this must be a combination of PMS and first-grey-day-in-many-days funk. I realize you people in the East won’t sympathize, but spring comes to Vancouver in February and lately Babby and I have been going to long walks each day to soak up the sunshine and flowers. But today is grey with a few flakes of snow. Short walkies today.

So, in view of banishing the Bad Day Gloom, I will dwell on the sunshine and the flowers of the past week.


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*Some of these pictures are fuzzy because I bought a can of pop at the Esso on one of my walks, and I set it down to unhook the dog’s leash, and the can rolled away, and I chased it into the road and I did catch it but it was punctured places and spraying pop everywhere at high pressure BUT I DRANK IT ANYWAY and it made my hands and everything I touched sticky.