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My last days of being 28


I am married. I have a baby. I have a Beloved Dog and an Inexplicably Loved Cat. I have a house.

I just found out that one of my posts is going to be syndicated on BlogHer.

I don’t have a job.

All in all, I think I’m doing pretty well, eh? Better than last year.

Perfect Husband is getting baseboards installed, but he couldn’t resist giving me a “real” present, so on Wednesday I got whisked to Whistler, where we stayed at a dog friendly hotel with a fireplace  and a soaker tub (PH knows his audience) and then went on a baby-friendly sleigh ride featuring hot chocolate at the half-way mark.

It was lovely.

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Whistler is fantastically dog-friendly. Makes me wish I lived there, instead of here. We walked our Beloved Dog around town, including into the Whistler branch of PH’s company (by which I mean the company he works for; he doesn’t own a company). We got a tour of the office and half the people there had dog cookies on their desk, so it was a great day for the dog, too. We visited some shops, too – also dog-friendly!

Babby was delightfully well behaved. He smiled happily at everyone while we explored and then dozed off on the sleigh ride. Perfect Husband and I are loving Four Month Old Babby. Much less screamy.

Except at night. He made up for his angelic behaviour all day by waking up every hour all night long. C’est la vie.

The hotel room had a basket full of goodies. While I was settling Babby down with some booba, Perfect Husband looked at the price list.

“My parents never let me eat stuff out of the minibars in hotels,” I told him, “they said the stuff was always ridiculously overpriced.”

“Same here. They were right! Sixteen dollars for 375 mL of wine! The water is $1.75! The Mars bars are $1.80 each!”

We looked at the chocolate bars.

“…Guess what?” said PH.


“We’re grown ups now.”

The chocolate was delicious.