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Hello all,

PH here.

So Carol left for the other side of the country yesterday to show off Babby to all and sundry, while I was relegated to stay home and keep making this “money” thing they continue to tell me is important. I figured that I, like everyone else, would have to go without reading her blog for a few weeks, which is a shame, since it’s one of my best insights into what she’s thinking about – what with me being away at work for most of the day, and when I get home, us not being able to hear each other over the wails of rage that emanate from all-wrathful Babby most every night. Add that to the fact that she probably wouldn’t want to log in to her blag on her mother’s computer, and that makes for a perfect recipe for no posts.

But then, as I was coming back home for my first night of re-bachelorhood in many a year, a thought occurred to me:

Carol hadn’t logged off her blag on her computer.




[insert maniacal laughter over the next five minutes]

So. Now I have the keys. And the first stop will be the passenger’s choice! What would you like to learn about Carol? Any niggling little questions you want to know about her? Likes and dislikes? Further elaboration on previous posts from a different perspective? Embarrassing childhood stories or idiosyncrasies? Have your say in the comments!