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PH back for another kick at the can.

In the spirit of Christmas and humour, I will post a few more search terms that have lead people to this blag, with a decidedly Christmasy flavour.

“am i selfish or is my boyfriend a scrooge”

Could be one, could be the other. Does he want to buy your Christmas tree used on Boxing Day? Then he’s probably a Scrooge. Are you upset because he refused to have the butler flogged for using the wrong salad tongs? You’re probably being selfish. More details, please.

“accidentally took a sip of tequila while pregnant”

I know how you feel. I accidentally drank a whole bottle of tequila while Carol was pregnant. Babby turned out fine in our case, so you should be okay too.

“my husband thinks he’s perfect”

My ears are burning.

“how was scrooge kind”

There’s a book called A Christmas Carol that can really help elucidate that for you. It’s a short book. Go read it and see if it helps answer your question. I’ll wait.

“husband has been sleeping for 36 hours”

I envy that man with the combined envy-power of all the stars in the universe, if there were a way to convert nuclear fusion directly into envy.

“nova scotia scrooge like christmas”

Why is a Nova Scotia Scrooge different than a normal Scrooge? By definition, Scrooges, no matter their province of origin, should not like Christmas. Unless you meant “Nova Scotia Scrooge-like Christmas”, and if you did…well, someone should write a song with that title post-haste.

“you know it’s gonna be a bad day when”

………when WHAT? Don’t leave us hanging here!

“my baby cries when he is overtired”

They all do. The goal is to get them not to be overtired. If you figure out a way to achieve that goal, please email us immediately. We will pay you handsomely.

“hitler when he was a baby”

Very cute, but the moustache hinted at future evil.

“scrooge childhood how different”

Grok think Scrooge childhood VERY different! Him no happy because childhood bad! Make Scrooge mad! Make Grok mad! Grok smash!

“percentile penis size chart”

…I just…I…