We have so much to do today, my last day before the Dreaded Plane Flight. Not only do I have to assemble and pack gifts for various and sundry, but I also have to pack my clothes and Babby’s stuff. Plus I have to get my hair cut, drop off library books and (we almost forgot) buy disposables. I am not looking forward to using disposables for the next two weeks, but what else can we do? The diaper service doesn’t deliver to NS and they need their diapers back while I’m gone.


Anyway, we also need to take a gift to the next door neighbours who have been so kind to us, and I need to finish off the Christmas cards. Oh did I mention we haven’t found anyone to take care of our dog and cat over Christmas?

So I’m stressed because there’s a lot to do, and poor Perfect Husband is trying to accept that I am leaving him alone for ten days and taking his son with me.

Babby will miss pooping on his Daddy's chest