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Today was vaccination day. Now, for some reason, Babby had to be vaccinated at the public health office instead of the doctor’s office. Apparently it’s passée for a doctor to give vaccines. Public health nurses have to do it. But it gave me a good chance to weigh him and see how his weight is coming along. The GP said she wants him to gain a kilogram this month, so by December 8th he is supposed to hit 5.9 kg. I don’t think it’s going to happen. He weighed in at 5.3 kg this afternoon. He has gained under a pound in the last three weeks.

Updated weight chart:

He is now below the 15th percentile.

At least he’s maintaining a straight line – his gain is steady, if slow. Maybe this is just his natural state, but I’m inclined to connect it to the copious spit-ups (I mean, if he spits up whole meals on a regular basis, wouldn’t that affect his weight gain?) and the screaming.

The bright side is that I’m so used to his blood curdling shrieks that the vaccinations didn’t faze me at all. Sure, he screamed like his limbs were being sawed off, until he ran out of air and was just sitting on my lap with his face bright red and his mouth wide in a silent wail… but he did the exact same thing last night, and the night before that (sometimes right out of a sound sleep) so I didn’t bat an eyelash. Just chuckled and kissed him and offered him booba, like I always do.

I am so using the weight gain thing as an excuse to beg a referral to a pediatrician.