You’re all probably wondering how it’s going…

I wish I could tell you!

I honestly have no idea.

For example, for two nights running after the start of the Zantac Bebby slept through the night. However, for the last two nights he has only slept until 4:30 or so. Which is still good, but not quite as impressive. Also, his behaviour during the day isn’t magically improved. For the first couple of days, he was about the same as usual – his middle of the road personality; not terrible, but not angelic.  Then, on Wednesday, we had a nightmare of a day.

Wednesday is my day for my Post Partum Depression CBT group, and so I get the car from PH and use it to run other errands. Babby is usually fairly manageable on Wednesdays. He sleeps well in the mornings, so he usually dozes through much of the PPD group. He also likes going for walks in the Sleepy Wrap, and my excursions tend to exhaust him so that he sleeps well in the car between errands.

Not this Wednesday.

The people at the PPD group noticed that he was unusually alert and well behaved (they have seen him alert and ill-behaved, or asleep and well behaved, but alert and quiet was new for them). However, by noon he was getting fussy. When I stopped at the vet to get pet food, he protested irritably the whole time while the receptionists cooed over him (it was their first time seeing me since I had had the baby).

When we went to the mall to print out some photos of him to send to PH’s aging relations, I had to go in and out of London Drugs three different times. The first time he started to fuss, so I left and changed his diaper. I returned, sat down at the kiosk, and he started to fuss again. I cancelled the order, went back out, sat down on a bench and nursed him for twenty minutes. He dozed off on the breast and sleepily submitted to being returned to the Sleepy Wrap. I went back in to London Drugs, sat down AGAIN… and he woke up and started to fuss again.

So I made the order anyway, shushing and rocking like an autistic child the whole time as he continued to protest in my ear.

Anyway, while I waited for the order to process I went to get a very late lunch (it was nearly three).

Babby slept through lunch (trying to eat a hotdog without dripping ketchup on his sleeping head was an interesting challenge) but when I returned to London Drugs to pick up the pictures, he woke up and started to howl. I waited in line, giving apologetic looks to the people around me, and they brought out an extra cashier to attend to me faster so I would go the hell away.

Then, that night, after picking PH up at work, he began screaming again, this time in the middle of a traffic jam. We pulled out at the next highway exit and I ended up feeding him and changing his diaper in a dark Safeway parking lot.

It must have been there that my wallet fell out.

I made the half-hour trip back to that parking lot later that night, but we never did find my wallet. I’ve never lost my wallet before, and after a dayfull of trying to soothe Babby’s screams, this was an unpleasant last straw. It was not a great day, and didn’t speak well for the Zantac’s magic powers.

But then there are days like today. He was a pleasant angel today. He spent most of the day either eating or dozing at my breast, with occasional periods of happy, smiling alertness and sporadic fussiness which was usually solved by a diaper change or more booba. This may or may not be related to my giving him an extra, illicit dose of Zantac midway through the day (he’s supposed to only get it every 12 hours). It might also be completely unrelated, since we did the same thing yesterday and he was somewhat fussy yesterday.

I wonder how long he’ll sleep tonight?

Sleep, Babby, Sleep