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So, my husband’s new Samsung Advance Smartphone arrived in the mail a few days ago. Delighted with his new toy, he was playing around with it and found the converter function. It can translate cm to inches, oz to kg, and even USD to CAD. Handy, eh?

So he started playing around with it, and we learned a few things…

...that one foot is the same as 3 inches, 36 metres, or 91 nautical miles

...that one pound equals 35,274 kilograms, or 15,432,356 British tons


...that when it is 20 degrees Celcius outside, it is -6.7 degrees Fahrenheit

...and that one Canadian dollar is worth 11 American dollars.

I’m glad it told us these things, because now I know that I weigh 0.0024 lbs, my home is 3.6 square kilometres in size, and if I go to Seattle (which is only 6306 feet away) I will be able to buy a new PS3 Move for 36 bucks. The only downside is that it is apparently -10 degrees Fahrenheit outside.