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Hi everyone! I’ve missed you. This isn’t the labour story yet, because I feel that deserves a level of time and attention that I don’t have yet (visitor stream is dying down slowly, but the next one is expected in 10-15 minutes).

Just wanted to let you know that as PH has said, we have a healthy Babby with ten fingers, and ten toes, although two are freakishly webbed, a trait he inherited from me (that blew my mind – HE HAS MY CRAZY TOES). He looks like a cross between Muppet Babby Perfect Husband and a baby sea turtle. We aren’t sure if he’s an angel or devil spawn, because he kept us up two nights in a row with colicky toothless screaming but has been cooperatively eating and dozing for the last 36 hours. We’re not sure what awaits us tonight.

While you’re waiting for the gory details, some pictures! These pics are when he was only a few hours old and heavily over-baked in my oven (it was my first attempt at babby-cooking, okay?), so please excuse post-birth baby cone head, splotchiness, peeling skin etc. Also, PH is still deliberating on whether to let me use his son’s real name. I would happily tell you, since it’s a really generic name, but of course this is a two-parent decision. So a moniker may be in order.

New Babby

The new family

Perfect Husband approves of Babby