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PH here (and may I say, while I have my two seconds in the driver’s seat, that Carol is completely insane when choosing monikers. But I digress). Carol was hoping to post this update herself, but apparently when the hospital told us that they had wifi, they lied through their teeth. So you get me instead.

The update you’ve all been waiting for – New Babby has finally entered the world as of yesterday afternoon, 20 hours after the water broke and 51 hours from the beginning of the first gel treatment. Health okay, even though there were some hairy moments during the labour and delivery. All body parts there and accounted for.

I will save most of the details for Carol to share with you, since she has the gift of blagging, a talent I sorely lack. We will be in the hospital until at least tomorrow and possibly Saturday, so expect no further updates until then.

Thanks to all for the well-wishes, and regular blogging will resume within the next 48-72 hours, knock wood.