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Okay, so I’m not dilated BUT AT ALL.

My cervix is nice and squishy soft as a baby’s cheek, apparently, but Babby still hasn’t dropped and the OB says that without his head exerting pressure on my cervix, not much is likely to happen unless my water breaks. She couldn’t sweep my membranes because of the total and utter lack of any kind of dilation, so that ended up not being an option anyway.

She was surprised so see me – she had apparently been telling people that I would probably go into labour over the weekend. But she hadn’t thought that Babby would STILL be floating around at -3 station, either.

I had spent Sunday (the day she thought I would go into labour) walking around the PNE looking at cute farm animals and eating tiny donuts covered in cinnamon sugar. I told her this and she was like,

“If he hasn’t dropped after an entire day walking around the PNE, I don’t know what’ll shift him.”

She said her concern was that first babies usually drop early, and if he hasn’t dropped by now she’s worried it might be because his head doesn’t fit into my pelvis. But she pressed here and there and said it FELT like he SHOULD fit, so…

Anyway, they’re giving me another week, and if nothing happens they’ll squirt some prostaglandin gel up my gooch. And of course, whether or not he drops, if my water breaks I’m to come in for the Strep B-killing penicillin.

Any tips on making a baby drop?