Aaaaaand now I’m totally over it and feeling normal again. I can’t even begin to understand what my problem was yesterday. Except for the Jigglypuff part. I’m still enormous.

But I dreamt that we had to peel off all the wall paper in the baby’s room in order to do something to the undercoat (even though in real life it’s just paint, not paper) and a girl I went to school with in elementary school (who isn’t even on my Facebook) showed up acting all suspicious, and wouldn’t tell me why she was there. I knew her mother was having some kind of feud with MY mother, and she kept trampling on the paper and wrecking it and I was just freaking out sobbing with stress because my baby’s room was going to be totally ruined. And the girl from elementary was like “you’re CRAZY” and my mother was all like “I am so suing you and your mother too” to her.

What do you suppose that means?

And THEN I dreamed that I went to the OB who was like “you have the scariest yeast infection EVAR, take pills for a month at least” and then I forgot to book my next week’s appointment because Natalie from Mommy By Day was in town and was going to meet me at the mall so I was in a rush, but when I got to New York Fries there were only some imposingly tall and blond drug company reps in white lab coats and I was confused and made excuses and “lost” them in the crowd because I didn’t know what to do. Perfect Husband was there and ordered me a poutine, but I started getting text messages from the drug rep people going “where are you? We’re buying baby things!” and I didn’t know who they were or what to do and couldn’t relax.

So, clearly my mental state is MUCH BETTER today.