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1. Did you attend Blogher10?

No.  Because I’m lacking this thing. It’s called money. I’d love to go to a Blogher some day. It should really come to Vancouver.

2. Are you attending BlissdomCanada this fall?

Never heard of it. Is it in Vancouver?

3. When are you at your blogging best – a.m. or p.m.?

I’m a pm person. I don’t do mornings. My metabolism doesn’t even kick in until noon. Before then I’m a groggy, shivering mass. Babby is the same way, right now. I almost never feel him move before lunchtime, unless I get in the car with music playing.

4. How many blogs do you have? (Include the links)

I have my old LJ, which I still post in occasionally but there aren’t very many people checking LJ these days, so I don’t bother much. Not linking to it because it includes the personal details I tend to avoid giving out here. I’m also thinking about starting another blog – based on an old website I had which was an obscene, verbally abusive guide to dog training. Is anyone interested in seeing that?

5. What technical skill would you like to learn to improve your blog?

It would be cool to know how to do my own CSS, so I could make my own blog design instead of relying on templates. But I’m also unwilling to spend any money to get the rights to do so, because I have none (see above).

6. Do you prefer the sound of silence or does action abound while you blog?

Mostly silence. I’m a silence kind of person. But I do like peaceful background music. I was reading downstairs last night and PH was upstairs on the compy and the sounds of the Bandenburg Concertos started wafting down the stairs, I guess because he felt that playing those while reading GraphJam would enhance his compy experience. It was great. So peaceful. My speakers also pick up CBC 2 involuntarily so often while I blog I have peaceful background classical music playing anyhow.

7. Do you include the names of your family in your blog?

Yes, some. Like, my first name. And my pets’ names aren’t secrets, I just avoid using them much because they’re unusual enough to get paired with my name if stalkers were searching for me, and I really don’t want ex-coworkers and in-laws finding this blog. My husband is namelesss because his name is unusually spelled, and again, don’t want ex-coworkers and in-laws putting two and two together. The name we’ve picked for our son is not unusual, so I’ll probably use it, but won’t be giving his full name for obvious reasons.

8. Do you post pictures or videos of your children?

Fur babies yes, children, yes in the future. Although apparently not my son’s genitals. Those won’t be posted.

9. What’s the grossest thing you’ve spilled on your keyboard?

I don’t spill things on my keyboard.

Enter Babby…

10. Ever posted something you wrote while intoxicated?

No, but then the last time I tried to drink in any kind of sizable amount, this happened. So I don’t think it can happen at all, any more.

11. Do you go back and edit old posts just because you can?

Yes, if I see something I could make better. Like grammar.

12. Have you ever suspected somebody took something you wrote and pawned it off as their own?

No. Why would anyone do that? It’s not like I have talent.

13. Does your spouse read your blog? What do they say about it?

Yep, he checks it at work. Which means that he comes home and I say “Guess what happened?” and he says “the diaper service couldn’t find our house and had to call?” and I say “Uh… yeah.”

14. What’s something cool/positive/unexpected for you, that has resulted directly from blogging?

The fact that I’m actually starting to develop friendships with other bloggers – people I would love to have coffee with if I could just get into the same time zone as them.

15. Link to a post (or two) which demonstrate your writing style:

Hmm. It depends on how silly I feel that day. I can write very lightheartedly or very seriously, depending on my mood. Actually, if you scroll down a bit, there’s a Top Posts section on the little menu on the left, with links to some of my more popular posts. They display a pretty good variety of my writing styles – serious, silly, dialogue, etc.

This one is probably a good medium example of a mixture of serious and silly: Fear The Paint

This one is more serious and descriptive: Lift Me Up

Then there are posts like this.

16. Name a blog(s) that makes you exclaim, “Damn! I wish I’d written that!”

Pfft. MOST blogs? I really admire the bloggers who can talk about the most painful subjects in the most hilarious ways – A Little Pregnant and Dooce, for example. Probably why they’re so popular. People like a bit of humour in even those most miserable of situations. But pretty much every blog I read, I read for a reason. Usually a combination of humour and heart is what catches me – that balance that I am always trying to achieve.