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My first order from Happy Nappy arrived today! It’s just the sampler pack plus the pail, really. Thirty diapers to start me off until their first delivery day after Babby’s birth.

The poor driver had trouble finding my place. Remember the Unexpected Asian Ladies Incident? Well, that sort of thing happens pretty often in our complex. There have been a couple more Realtor Incidents (although THEY rang the doorbell) and we got a pizza guy at our door last month, looking for the OTHER house of the same number on the other road. Apparently, this happened to the diaper service, but in reverse. He showed up at the wrong place. They must have been very confused by the man with a pail of diapers. Anyway, they called me and we got it sorted out.

I've been pawing happily through diapers all morning

Two cute things in one pic!