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My phone still works, and I find this vaguely suspicious.

Everyone seems to be getting a new phone lately. Perfect Husband’s old MUCH Music phone died in the spring after many years of faithful service, so he replaced it with a shiny new model. My friend had to switch phone companies after a massive blow-out with her provider which I won’t go into here. She had to get a new phone. Then that same friend dropped her new phone in a parking lot just as the person in the parking space next to her was backing up out of their space – CRUNCH.

Then Perfect Husband calls me from rehearsal from a strange phone number. He tells me that his phone got wet, shorted out, and now doesn’t work reliably, so if I need him I should call this other number, which is a cast member’s cell. I don’t ask him what happened because his voice has that strained tension that comes with having to tell one’s director “I have a wife who is nine months pregnant and can’t get a hold of me. If you don’t give me five minutes and someone else’s cell phone, I’m going to start a massacre”.

When he came home he was too angry to talk about it. All he would say was that there was a “toilet incident”. I puzzled on this for a while, because his anger seemed to denote that someone else was at fault, but sometimes he gets angry at himself, so I didn’t push things further. Then I signed on to Facebook… and his director’s Facebook status was about HER phone getting wet and going on the fritz that same night. So apparently this “incident” affected multiple cell phones in the area that night. One’s imagination fills in rather too vividly at this point.

The next day someone else on Facebook posted that their phone was broken and they had to get a new one.

Then Spokeit made this post.

Meanwhile, my phone is three years old, has a damaged top with a Labrador’s tooth mark in it, and has been dropped more times than I could ever count, and then been retrieved by uncountable numbers of slobbering dogs. It works fine.

I’m watching it suspiciously.

In other news, I’m getting clouds put on my nursery today! YAY!

Except that since PH needs to buy a new phone we are even more broke than we expected to be, and I can’t even afford to buy awesome room-painting friends lunch. *Sigh*. I have freezies. They can eat all the freezies they want.