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The baby’s room is no longer gulag-grey!

I decided to go with Behr Premium Plus Ultra (…Uberbar, Super-Fantastic, Luxury etc) paint again. That’s what we used for the rest of the house. I chose a very bright colour of blue. Originally I was going to go with a more muted shade, but after looking at this one on Behr’s website the previous shade looked too dim and grey.

So I sent the links to my Mommy and asked for her opinion (without telling her my own thoughts) and she told me the same thing – that after checking out Horizon Haze, the Caspian Tide looked dingy. We decided that a baby’s room, of all places, can withstand a bright colour, especially since we’re going to cut the blue with clouds and possibly giraffes.



We were right about it being bright – it glows! But that’s fine. Children like bright colours and I want the room to be cheery. It’s North-facing, after all. The ceiling will eventually be painted too, but we (and by we, I mostly mean my friends who came over and basically did this all for me, insisting that I rest myself and stay away from the fumes) decided to leave that to my graphic design professional friend, when she comes to do the clouds, because when we touched it with a wet cloth bits of ceiling rained down on us and we were scared.