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PH (coming out of the bathroom): “Oh my gawd. I was just reading The Pregnancy Bible and in the section on father bonding after birth, it recommends asking to bottle feed your breastfed newborn so you can bond with it better.”

Me: “Well, you are supposed to introduce the bottle at around 4-6 weeks, or they won’t take it at all ever, and since I’ll want to pump occasionally so we can go out now and then, I’ll probably get you to be the one who does it… With me he’d just be looking for the boobas, but with you he might be like “Hey, you come with food, too??

PH: “No, no. That sounds fine. This is stuff for bonding with a newborn. They aren’t specifying “after a month or more, once breast feeding has been well established.” THAT would make sense.  It just says “If she’s breastfed, ask your partner to express some milk so you can give her an occasional bottle”. Like, ‘hey, what does it matter if you give your baby nipple confusion and mess up the mother’s attempt to breastfeed? At least you feel involved in the process!'”

They say that a woman’s breastfeeding success is largely influenced by partner support.

I think I’m okay on that front.