Thanks to Blahggy for tagging me in this meme blog award!

The Rules:

•Thank the blogger who awarded it to you (isn’t it sad that they have to put basic human politeness in the RULES?)
•Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words (what does that even mean?)
•Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance (10? Hmm…)

The Philosophy and Motivations behind If By Yes:


That’s as close as I can come.

It’s tough because I’m not even sure what all that means. Is my philosophy/motivation about what makes me write (love of writing, love of sharing good stories, love of feedback), or what I write about (dogs, babies, biology, boobas)? Is it about the things that are important to me (my husband, my pets, my fetus, my family, books) or the things that are important to write about (things I’ve learned, information to be passed on, truth)?

So now I want to turn it around on you – why do you read If By Yes? What brought you here, to read the confused ramblings of a nerdy lefthander with self esteem problems? Is this your first time, and will you come back? If this is a return visit, why? What makes you comment, when you comment? What posts do you like to re-read? Do you have a favourite post?

And now I will list blogs with substance, in no particular order.If any of you actually read my blog and want to post your award, go ahead and do so. But mostly I’m just posting recommendations, because I believe in promoting good reading materials of all kinds.This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a start.

1.  Daycare Daze. This blog is about the life and experiences of a child care expert who runs a daycare out of her home. It’s funny, it’s true, and it’s refreshingly full of information which meshes well with everything I’ve learned about dogs. Babies don’t seem so different.

2.  Blahggy. Yes, she gave me the award and someone has already passed it on to her, but I’m still mentioning it because it’s a good read. She is very honest about her personal experiences, and her posts give you something to think about.

3.  Emotional Umbrella. Frequently funny, always very open, Emotional Umbrella chronicles the struggles of someone trying to find the right balance of anti-depressant medications while navigating real life.

4.  Built-in Birth Control. A heartbreakingly honest blog about living with endometriosis and the struggles of trying to bear children.

5.  Sweet Salty Kate. A lovely blog by a talented writer and photographer who lives in the best place on Earth – my home turf of Nova Scotia. While she sadly is best known for losing one of her twin boys several years ago, Kate’s writing is a celebration of life.

6.  A Little Pregnant. Frequently hilarious, always thought provoking, this blog covers the years of struggle of IVF, premature birth, egg donation, and the raising of two active little boys after the struggle of infertility, all with a fiendishly irreverent wit.

7.  Bub and Pie. Bea hasn’t updated in a while, which makes me sad, because her posts were always awesome. I still encourage you to go and read through the archives if you like thinking about books, parenting, and autism.

8.  Are You Sure This Is A Good Idea? This blog is just starting out, but I can tell already that it’s going to be a good one, not the least because the author shares my adoration of good grammar.

9.  Mommy By Day. A good Canadian mommy blog that discusses real parenting issues, and shares my philosophy of parenting (which I find comforting, since I’m not actually a parent yet, and Mommy By Day is proof that it isn’t *all* impossible fantasy.)

10. Spin Me I Pulsate. Thordora is incredibly open and honest about coping with childhood loss, abuse, motherhood, and divorce. It’s powerful like wow. And sometimes she reviews sex toys!