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The great thing about having worked in the dog training industry is that all of my new friends are dog owners. When one of us visits another, our dog roars in ahead of us. It’s not a matter of “Can I bring Fido?” because Fido’s welcome is assumed and assured.

We get together every couple of weeks for a good dog park romp. We stand around and talk about our dogs while watching them out the corners of our eyes and occasionally delivering discipline or shouting warnings, like parents chatting on a playgrounds.

My poor Beloved Dog doesn’t get a lot of excitement these days, so Dog Park Day is what he lives for. It’s not so much the dogs – except for an occasional butt sniff, tail held high, he doesn’t really like other dogs. It’s the free reign and the water that he revels in.

I love seeing him so happy.



Perfect Husband said his poops were pure sand the next day, so clearly he had a VERY good time.