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We had our 32 week appointment today.

The OB was out delivering babies with two labouring women, so I just saw the nurse, who I really like. She felt my uterus, trying to confirm the baby’s position, but she couldn’t be sure. Other than the occasional painful jab in the pelvis, mostly I feel movements above my belly button, on the right hand side. Limb-like projections poke me in the ribs on the right, and a largish bump tends to poke up in my midsection and roll around. She felt this same bump, but wasn’t sure if it was the baby’s head or the baby’s bum. I had been assuming it was a bum, and that my baby had been mooning me for the last couple weeks.

After much poking and frowning she said that she thought this bump felt a little softer than a similar bump down in my pelvis, which would probably make it the bum. But then when she put the doppler on me she couldn’t find the heartbeat down where we though the head was. She had to stick the doppler almost between my boobs before we got a clear signal.

“I can’t think why the heart beat would be stronger by the baby’s bum,” she said “It’s possible he may be breech. If we can’t tell for sure by next appointment, we may order an ultrasound just to be sure.”

I can’t wait to tell Babby some day that we couldn’t tell his ass from his face.