So, I spoke to the diaper service today when they called to set up the delivery of my pre-pack.  They also sell diaper covers, and because they get them in bulk they sell them for less than retail price. The brand they use/sell is Mother-Ease. Does anyone have experience with this brand? I don’t like the look of them as much as the Bummis I’ve seen (love the froggy pond and the super-brights!) but look is hardly the main priority here!

In other news, I turned down a job today. Not sure if I did the right thing. It was a temporary reception position which fit my timeline perfectly. I took the bus down there (it was in Vancouver proper, a good hour and 20 minute commute by transit) and met with the vet there. The clinic is brand-new, and committed to high quality care, and the wages were decent. But it didn’t feel right. He talked a lot about being professional with the clients, and while I am strongly committed to being professional, I got the feeling that chatting with the clients would not be welcomed, and he wanted me to “dial down” my veterinary knowledge while working reception.  More importantly, the vet was vague about how many hours would be available. It seemed to hinge on how much they liked me, but Saturday and Monday were guaranteed. Monday is the only day I have off with Perfect Husband, because he’s involved in a play and Sunday is an all-day rehearsal.

So I called him back when I got home and told him no. Perfect Husband has been telling me over and over that we’re fine for money, that I should enjoy my pregnancy, and only take this job if I really wanted it. I don’t really want it, so I turned it down.

But it felt really weird. Who says NO to money? I really am a kept woman now.