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Sooo…. after a month of waiting, my EI money arrived today. In the amount of 44 dollars.

Called Service Canada.

Service Canada told me that I only get 44 dollars because my work paid out my accrued vacation time when I left, so clearly I am rolling in dough and don’t need money.

I told them that I had used all my accrued vacation time and then some by the time I left, and that I’d actually had to work an extra day to pay off UNaccrued vacation paid to me.

They said my Record of Employment states otherwise.

I checked. Under the column for vacation pay owing at the end of employment, it says 548 dollars.

I was not given a check for 548 dollars, because that money wasn’t owing.

Service Canada says that’s not their problem – they have to go by what the ROE says and it says I have 548 bucks so I only get 44 from EI.

I called my employer.

The dyslexic boss wasn’t there, and the women who does the money doesn’t actually know HOW to do ROEs, so she can’t fix it for me.

Why do they leave the ROEs to the dyslexic?

So I have to wait for next week for this to be fixed.

Service Canada says that after three weeks of processing, they’ll be able to rectify the mistake and pay me the money they won’t pay me right now.