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My first post on If By Yes was one year ago today, I just realized.

In the last 365 days I feel that nothing, and everything, have changed.

I have struggled with depression, changed doctors, ended up in the emergency room, revelled in the miracle that is Wellbutrin, gone through CBT  for my anxiety, and come out the other side. I’m not fixed, but I’m better.

I have bought a house, even if it still feels like a work in progress.

I have longed for a baby, got pregnant, and now alternate between happy and holy-frig-what-have-I-done.

I have been laid off from a job I thought I would have for the rest of my life, but in such a hullabaloo of questionable events that I ended up feeling relieved about it.

My dog is still Beloved, my cat still Inexplicably Loved. My husband continues to be put up with me and actually love me on top of it.

Funny how life never turns out the way you thought it would, but still somehow does eventually turn out okay.

Thank you all for being with me on this journey, and please hold my hand for whatever comes next.