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I’ve been given my first blog award! Okay, so, it’s not a real award, not like those other virtual awards that come with buttons and stuff. But I’T’S STILL AN AWARD, OKAY?

Not Mary Poppins has passed on the Versatility Award to me! I’m not really sure what the criteria are, or if I fit them, but I’m not looking this gift horse in the mouth. I am gleefully accepting, and will now follow the “rules” of the award, which apparently are as follows:

1) thank the person who gave you the award
2) tell seven thing about yourself and
3) pass the award on to other bloggers whom you love, and, I suppose, find to be versatile.

Thank you, Mary! For those who haven’t checked out Daycare Daze on my blog roll, you really really should because every post Mary makes just confirms for me more than dogs and babies aren’t that different, and I find this both satisfying and comforting.

Seven things about me:

1. I am left handed, and so is Perfect Husband. If we have a right handed child, we’ll be slightly disappointed. Misery loves company, you know.

2. I was born in Ontario and spent my formative childhood years in the Caribbean, on a tiny island called Curaçao (notice the cedille! It is NOT pronounced “cure-a-cow”). The next time you drink a cocktail with blue curaçao in it, think of me and my beautiful childhood home.

3. Even though I moved to Nova Scotia as a teenager, I still consider myself a bred-in-the-bone Bluenose. My father’s family came over during one of the potato famines, and my mother’s family moved up from the states to be planters back in the days of Acadie (expelling the poor Acadians in the process – such a proud family history) and they actually named a town after my maternal great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

4. I am also descended from Rob Roy. My mother is into genealogy, and has confirmed this (which went in the family by word of mouth) by tracing us  back to the MacGregors.

5. My university education was partially paid through childhood acting gigs, because I used to be adorable  (I grew out of the cuteness around age 8). My illustrious acting credits include a truly atrocious episode of The Judge, a made for TV movie called Hoover vs The Kennedys (I was Caroline Kennedy), another TV movie starring Loretta Young called Lady in the Corner (I was an unnamed child running around in circles with a Shar-Pei named Su-Su and I remember Loretta very fondly), a radio McDonald’s commercial about milkshakes (I’m allergic to milk and had never had a milkshake, so the director got very frustrated with me) and a number of other TV commercials. I also have an unexplained memory of sitting on red-carpeted steps while a line of men did the can-can behind me. I assume that this was another commercial.

6. I do video editing as a hobby – I’ve dabbled in a variety of things – dubbing, subtitling, and even green-screening my friends into famous movies scenes, but mostly I love putting videos to music. My computer has a quad core processor just so I can play with my videos. I’m inordinately proud of them, too, and like to force people to watch them after I’ve made them. I’m like the old lady down the road who makes you look at photo album after photo album of her mentally deficient-looking grandchildren. For example, this is my music-video for my friend’s beautiful wedding, which was a Hindu ceremony.

My abilities are not where I want them to be. My ultimate goal is to make a video nearly as good as this.

7. I never really grew out of childhood. I read children’s fiction almost exclusively (I admit there are a couple of good grownup books out there, though most of them were written over a hundred years ago, and non-fiction is a nice change on occasion); I still sometimes talk to my childhood imaginary friend (a dog named Blizzard), and I bring my teddy bear Timothy with me whenever we travel, so I can take pictures of him places. In my mind, Timothy is a real person because I still  anthropomorphize inanimate objects. Perfect Husband, who was probably already thirty when he was three, tolerates all this with surprising equanimity.

Now, to pass it on!

I would like to extend this award to some fellow bloggers who write about everything under the sun. I feel like I could give this award to about a million of you, because MOST of the blogs I like to read are very versatile in nature but I’ve forced myself to keep it down to three  – to Hannah of Me and My Shadows (sadly, for personal reasons her blog is semi-private at this time, I can’t link you to her, but trust me, it’s a good read),  Mama Tulip, and Ken and Dot’s Allsorts.