Today’s the big day – my last day at work.

Actually, technically that was Friday, but for some inexplicable reason my boss wanted me to come in today to go over my hours and so on, and then went on to say that he would back-pay me the seven hours from today onto last week, since my ROE would list Friday as my last day of work.

“Seven hours? You want me to come in for a full work day?”

“Sure, and we’ll go over your hours and…”

WHY WHY WHY??? Why do I need to go and work one last day? Why can’t the break be clear and clean? I’m so worried they’re going to try and throw another contract at me – make me kennel girl or something (because, you know, spraying cleaning chemicals all around and then lifting dogs into the bathtub all day would be a great job to give the pregnant lady) – and last night I had ALL the bad dreams about today that there possibly could be. Anything that might go wrong today went wrong in the dream last night.

I never thought I’d be glad to see the back of this workplace. Once upon a time, this was my dream come true, and my face glowed with pride when people asked me where I worked. But now, I’m done, I just want out…

EDIT: No contract! I’m free! Part of me is like “Eff you guys for undervaluing me and being evil” but most of me is like “I GET TO HAVE THREE MONTHS OFF BEFORE BABBY COMES!!”