Well, no luck at the auction. Perfect Husband bought his computer at a similar auction a few years ago, and ended up paying only 400 bucks for a computer worth well over 1000 at the time. Four or five years later, his computer is still decent by today’s standards. My new compy is better… but not by a whole lot.

So we thought this would be a great way to bargain.

We forgot about Vancouver Math.

Will we ever learn?

Apparently, Vancouverites feel that they should bid 200 dollars on a used PS2, and then pay 27% on top of that (15% auction fee, plus taxes). You can get one of those on craigslist for 30 bucks! Hell, you could get a NEW PS3 for that, if you look hard enough.

Apparently, Vancouverites think that buying a case of 24 Crest toothpaste tubes for 175 dollars (plus 27%) is a good deal. That works out to 9 dollars a tube. What store do these people buy their toothpaste from??

And so on.

So, need it be said that we came away with nothing? We didn’t want to pay 175 bucks for a used drill and a weedwacker. We didn’t want to pay $350 bucks for a used, scratched iPod, even if it did come with a bluetooth ear piece and a pair of sunglasses. We didn’t want to buy a set of sneakers, ball caps, and sunglasses for 350 bucks, either.

We left in disgust. No new toys for us.

But now – we leave for NEW YORK!