The world is ridiculous and insane, and my workplace even more so. But you know what? I had an awesome night last night with my friends, and I’m GOING TO NEW YORK, BABY!

…As soon as I tie up a bunch of loose ends at work, which involves going BACK to The Den of Inequity tomorrow, and get my hair cut, and after we attend a police auction to (hopefully) purchase stolen goods of the following variety:

  • Drill
  • Weed Wacker
  • PS2 (SOLELY so we can play Katamari Damacy, which inexplicably is unavailable for the Wii)
  • 80 Gb iPod
  • Speakers that hook into an iPod so I can has the Bach downstairs.
  • Golf Clubs (Perfect Husband’s desire)

…with a maximum expenditure of less than $150 for the lot. Wish us luck! We’re teaching babby how to profit on the misfortunes/illdoings of others. Very important. Although we draw the line at the jewelry. They’re selling a diamond ring worth 12,000 bucks, which will probably go for abut 20% of its value… but how could you buy something like that? You’d wonder who it was stolen from, and if they still cry about it sometimes…