I’m so tired.

I’m tired of having to go in to work, when “work” now means “fiddling around in the office being a secretary while other people train my dogs and people pretend that I never had anything to do with that side of things because it’s awkward and they don’t know what to say”. I want to just stay home and recuperate from the shock. But if I go on EI while I look for another job, it comes out of my maternity leave. So I had to take the pity offer my work gave me and do work well below my qualifications for the sake of a paycheck.

I’m tired of having to pick and choose what I can eat each day.

I’m tired of feeling hungry, but not hungry, all day long.

I’m tired of smelling crepes in the morning when I wake up. WHERE DOES THAT SMELL COME FROM AND WHY DON’T THEY SHARE WITH ME?

And yes, I’m tired of complaining, too.

But I’m so tired.