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Perfect Husband came back from the Gold Medal hockey game understandably wound up. After a couple of hours of him shouting incomprehensible things loudly every few minutes, he began to settle down.

“You know what I think? The more and more I watch Sidney Crosby, the more I think he’s an introvert,” he said to me as we watched the Closing Ceremonies.

I opened my mouth to say that no one who ever played hockey could possibly be an introvert. But a mental image of Sidney Crosby flashed into my mind. Sidney Crosby, sitting quietly and thoughtfully on the bench while the other hockey players around him punched each other and grinned toothless grins. Sidney Crosby, so often accused by his detractors as entirely lacking in charisma, and called “wooden” or “bland”. Sidney Crosby, who has single mindedly dedicated himself to hockey since he was two, with a level of concentration that defies most people… while maintaining top grades in school.

“I think you’re right,” I said. “That… actually makes a lot of sense.”

“Well, I watched him getting the gold medal,” said Perfect Husband, “and I realized that whenever I see him in social situations, he always looks so awkward.”

It makes so much sense. Introverts make up a high percentage of the “gifted” population, and when it comes to hockey, Sidney Crosby is certainly generally considered gifted – either with natural hockey finesse or an impressive amount of dedication, depending on who you ask. Introverts have better concentration. They can have excellent social skills, but they rarely take the time to develop them, since dealing with strangers is so exhausting in the first place.

I think he’s an introvert. I think Perfect Husband is dead right.


Speaking of which… the medal winning throw by Kevin Martin:
nov 2009-feb 2010 200

I loved the spontaneous hugs by the team when they realized that they had won. Kevin Martin looked SO happy. They all looked happy (the Canadians, anyway), but Kevin Martin was clearly over the moon. I actually saw him brush away a tear on the podium. We love you, Kevin Martin.

But let us not forget… NORWAY’S PANTS! Only they wore the red ones for this game. We were sad. They aren’t quite as awesome as the white ones.

nov 2009-feb 2010 201

Oh, and some women from the Canadian women’s hockey team were sitting behind us!
nov 2009-feb 2010 205

I asked them to hold my teddy bear, Timothy. He has been to the Eiffel Tower, and to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. He has been to the Toronto Zoo, and the Vancouver Aquarium. He’s an active little bear. But holding the gold medal… that was definitely a high point.