Of course you were all right and the baby is fine. Looking like a little alien, heart flickering, lying still mostly but then occasionally giving a hiccup-like movement, reminiscent of a mexican jumping bean.

PH was ticked off because they wouldn’t let him in with me at first. So he waited and fidgeted anxiously, wondering whether his child was alive, while the ultrasound tech showed me my adorable little alien babby. Finally my repeated “..So, can my husband come in now?” was responded to and he was ushered in and hustled against a back wall, by my feet. I gave him a reassuring smile and told him it was fine while she found the babby again and it gave another little hop just for Daddy. Daddy looked too relieved to be overjoyed. He just squeezed my foot and stared.

One alien babby, 63 mm long, alive and twitching:

World's Youngest BNL Fan

World's youngest BNL fan

We finished up the day with the Victory Ceremony and Barenaked Ladies, so that made it a pretty darn good day. Perfect Husband’s facebook status yesterday was “tomorrow will either be the worst day ever, or the best day ever…”

We are so grateful that it was the latter, and not the former. Crisis averted. THIS time!