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I went in this morning for bloodwork – you know, the usual – Hcg, rubella titre, HIV (so they know whether or not I can bleed on them in the hospital when I give birth)… and glucose.

Is it just me or is it cruel to make someone in the first trimester fast for 10 whole hours and then suck 33 mL of blood out of them?

That’s right. 33 mL. Now, I realize that this is just a drop in the bucket bloodwise, and that I would have much more taken out of me at, say, a blood donor clinic. But still, when you’re sitting there, feeling all gross and nauseous and low blood sugar, looking at seven massive vacutainers waiting to be filled, it’s daunting.

I felt gross for the rest of the day. It has become very clear to me that my “no morning sickness” luck goes entirely out the window if I go more than a few hours without eating. A snack at night, and breakfast in the morning, and I feel fine. But on weekends, when I sleep in, or days like today when I can’t eat because that’s how the vampires like it… I  do NOT feel good.