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I have to say that it was a very weird experience, to call my parents and announce to them that I have a sexually transmitted medical condition. It was really awkward. It was even weirder to me for my husband to then call his parents and make a similar announcement to them. I am not accustomed to talking with my in-laws about my insides.

Love my mother’s response. A long, drawn out “Oooh…” in about seven different emotional flavours, from pleasant surprise to concern to horror to doubt to worry and back again. “OH…Ooo!ohh…OHHHOohh?OhhhOh!” Then after a pause that went a couple seconds beyond normal polite reaction time, she managed a “congratulations!”

So overall it went much better than I thought it would.

My mother-in-law just wept with joy, which was exactly what we knew she would do. All it took was my husband saying “So, you weren’t really stuck on having nine grandchildren, were you? Ten seems like a much rounder number.” And off went the water works. She’s such a sweetheart.

In other news, we went to the Canucks game vs the Penguins last night, as part of Perfect Husband’s Christmas present. Going to sports games is always a rather stressful experience for me because the atmosphere is SO very extroverted. They pack in as much flashing lights and loud noises as they possibly can, and every now and then, if they think the crowd is becoming understimulated by an unexciting or disappointing game, they instigate the crowd to make loud roars just to try and keep them happy.

We got stuck in front of a bunch of loud yabbos who felt the need to communicate constantly and at the top of their lungs. As they became more and more intoxicated, their wit levels dropped lower and lower, so that by the second period this fat American fuck was standing in the aisle with his sixth beer hollering “Hell ya, America starts random wars with people! You guys got oil? Our boys will come over and fuck you up! They won’t have a high school education! They’ll just have GUNS!”

By the third period he had slopped beer on my husband and was shouting insults at one of the other guys, who supposedly had an Irish heritage.

“Fuck you, Irishman! You suck. Is Ireland even in NATO?”

Perfect Husband can’t wait to bring The Babby to his/her first hockey game. We better not sit in front of any yabbos. But if we do, at least I’ll have the opportunity to teach my child about the stupidity of other people.