Christmas is slipping away from me. December has passed like a flash, and like a child I find myself counting the “sleeps” until we go home for Christmas. Yet I haven’t done my shopping, or sent my cards. Hell, we don’t even have our tree. I haven’t found home for my Beloved Dog and Inexplicably Loved Cat for the holidays.

All of these things bring worries to me, and yet each day goes by and I do nothing about them.

I love shopping for my loved ones, but I am worried about money this year. I love sending Christmas cards, but I haven’t taken the time to do them, when there are dishes to be done and fur covers the floor downstairs. I love decorating the Christmas tree, but Perfect Husband and I almost never have time to do anything together, since he has Sunday/Monday off instead of Saturday/Sunday, and on Sunday he referees soccer games, so I spend most of the weekend home without the car and without my husband.Then back to work, back to the grind…

Somehow, in the rush of work and trying to keep a house clean and trying to find sitters for my dogs at work so that I can actually GO on my Christmas trip home… Christmas is slipping out from beneath me.

I don’t blame Ebenezer Scrooge. I don’t think he meant to lose Christmas, I think it just… slipped out from under him.