I am fascinated by some of the searches that sometimes lead people to this blog. I hope that they found what they were looking for here, but sometimes I’m not sure.

In case anyone uses these search terms again, I’ll try and leave some attempt at an answer, however useless:

husband asked me to leave the room

I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe he was trying to set up a surprise for you?

my future perfect husband

This one is mine. Now go about your search somewhere else, and good luck!

how is babby formed onesie

That’s a brilliant idea! I WANT ONE.

wife fucks coworker to humiliate husband

…that sentence makes me unhappy. Let’s move on…

what is a perfect husband, if there is one

I’d like to tell you, but it’s different for everyone. Maybe you should ask your wife/girlfriend for her take on it, rather than consulting Google on such matters.

sweet letter to husband whom just moved

That’s nice that you’re writing letters to your husband, but if he has moved away, maybe you should be having a serious discussion with him, preferably over the phone. Also, you don’t need to use “whom” just to impress Google.

perfect husband puts me down

I hate to break it to you, but that sentence is oxymoronic. If he puts you down, he’s more like a perfect asshat.

the perfect husband is really a cat

My cat wakes me up at the crack of dawn yowling for me to give him breakfast. He sleeps around the house all day, and never contributes. Maybe that’s your perfect husband, but it ain’t mine.

lady with half body and perfect husband

I would like to meet this couple. Hurrah for true love!

…Unless it’s the top half that she’s missing.

he seemed to be the perfect husband

Oh, please don’t leave me hanging! Then what happened??

king charles spaniel cut his groin open