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I love Fridays. I have loved Fridays since first year university, when Friday was the day to go to Ducky’s, drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade and then finish the evening with a midnight toonie movie at the Vogue Cinema.

I loved it because it was fun and because I’m the kind of person who loves routine. It makes the fun comforting. Comforting fun is the best kind of fun.

Fridays were easily the best day of the week. Not only was it the day to have fun with your friends, you had the whole weekend stretching ahead of you. Granted, that might involve writing 20 page papers or all-day play rehearsals, but none of that mattered because it was Friday night and you do not think about papers on Friday. I’m pretty sure that’s in the Bible, somewhere, near the place where he tells people to rest on the seventh day. THOU SHALT PARTY ON THE FIFTH DAY AND FEAST ON POPCORN AND BEER.

The association remains. I haven’t seen a toonie movie in years. We don’t drink much nowadays, and when we do, I can’t hold my liquor. But the association remains.

Fridays = fun.

Sure, todays isn’t really Friday for me OR Perfect Husband, because we both work Saturday and I work Sunday, too. We’re exhausted, and hungry, and both of us spent a portion of our day cleaning up my beloved dog’s diarrhea. But I’m still loving the fact that it’s Friday so I am pestering Perfect Husband to order us some Indian food to celebrate.

Because it’s Friday, you know?