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That right cowfolks, I got back in the saddle today.

I didn’t want to face work. I was scared to go. Scared to face the world, so reluctant to end the beautiful hiatus of the last few days. But today went fine. Even my nervous dreams turned out to be false (I dreamed that the Perpetually Pregnant Coworker who makes all breeding decisions went and spayed my favourite breeding candidate right in front of me. Just took out her uterus, casually, while chatting with me, and I was horrified beyond words. But it’s okay, folks, I checked when I got to work – the dog is still intact! Crisis averted!).

The worst part of my day was when I was trying to park the massivo work van (a great wheelchair accessible monstrosity with a turning ability to rival the Titanic) in a teensy parking lot and got horribly wedged. I couldn’t go forwards, I’d hit someone’s Lexus. I couldn’t go back, I’d hit someone’s Jetta. Neither is a good option when you are driving what is, essentially, a giant billboard. I was desperately looking through all my windows, trying not to freak out and wishing I had someone to stand outside and wave me on, and wondering whether the four month old puppies in the back of the van would like to get a crash course in semaphore (c’mon, what are service dogs good for, if not waving you through tight parking spaces??) when… a miracle happened.

There, coming up the parking lot, a million miles from my work, was our Enthusiastic Deaf Summer Student. This kid is amazing. He is a college student who worked for us in the kennel all summer, slinging bags of food two at a time and power washing everything. Now he was walking right towards me. I flagged him frantically and he was all like “You want me to wave you in?” and I was all like “YES PLEASE, YOU ARE MY GUIDING ANGEL.”

So he did. Then he gave me a friendly wave and walked on.

I survived work. I am amazed, and only a little confused.

…aaaand tomorrow’s another day.

I’m tired.