No, the depression isn’t better. It’s worse. Two Saturdays ago, I came dangerously close to purposely driving into a tree. I’m starting to want to hurt myself. I have nowhere to turn. No one who wants to help me, or even seems to care. All my friends live out East, and their time zones are totally incompatible with me calling them when I get home from work. There are times when I feel like the only people living out here who give half of a damn about it are… the people from out East – my husband and a couple old friends who have moved out here. And they can’t help me.

Perfect Husband can’t find any GPs in the area taking new patients. Even the ones LISTED as taking new patients on the college of physicians and surgeons website aren’t taking new patients. Unless you’re pregnant. Which I am very not.

Oh, and I got turned down for long term benefits by our mortgage and life insurance, because I have been diagnosed with depression.

Isn’t that grand?