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Apparently, I’m old now.

My mother has never been able to hold her liquor and get “drunk”. Before she hits that stage, she gets sick. Tipsy or ill, these are her options. On my 24th birthday, I hit that point for the first time. Now, I’m not sure whether that was because I was ageing, or because I drank more than I ever had before (trying to drown the fact that my ex boyfriend was sitting right next to me the whole time and while regretting agreeing to have my party at his house). All I know is, I threw up when I got home.

Since then, that state has come to me more and more often. I get tipsy, and then if I push the limits, I throw it back up.

This never used to happen in university days.

On Friday, though, I discovered a new low. I had three or four glasses of champagne with Perfect Husband, celebrating the survival of another week (don’t even get me started into the hullabaloo of him wanting me to take a pregnancy test first, then finding we were out, and him insisting on going to Shopper’s to get one before we could pop the cork).  I didn’t get sick, though. I was a little dizzy when we went to bed, but I slept sound.

And then I spent all Saturday throwing up, lying around the house and groaning while Perfect Husband stroked my hair.

I’ve never been hungover before. Ever. And that I could hit this state for the first time after a few glasses of champagne…

I must be getting old.