Okay, we made an offer today on the place that needs the renos.  Let’s hope they take our offer. Cross your fingers that no one else makes another offer in the next 24 hours! It’s been on the market for a year. I’ll be ticked off if now is the time that everyone decides to make offers on it.

The big catch is that this place has tenants. So if the offer is accepted, and we remove the subjects without any problems, then our first official act as this family’s new landlords will be to serve them with 60 days notice. From our tour through the place, it looks like two children and a baby live there, with one or maybe two adults.

How lucky I will be, if I get to be the one to kick them out of their home.

If this place doesn’t pan out, we’re going to have to start looking at either one levels, or two bedrooms (which, by the way, are really weirdly shaped in this complex) or… *shudder* condos.