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Okay, so, now we’re planning on making an offer on another unit in the complex. This one has sat on the market for a year, probably because their tenants understandably make no effort to pretty the place up when you come to view the home, plus there is a hole in the wall and the lino in the kitchen looks like it comes from the days of the pyramids (those egyptians were famous for their advanced working in vinyl).

We figure that if we make a low offer, plus 10,000 which the seller is to return to us upon the mortgage going through (kind of a cash-back arrangement), we will be able to use that extra money to renovate a bit. Put in some laminate flooring, new linoleum, paint, replace the washer/dryer and so on.

Let’s hope THIS place doesn’t get popular too. At least it has a yard. It’s a bizarre, five feet above the ground outside kind of a yard, and slanty, but it’s a yard.