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So, we’re trying to buy a house (well, we live in the city and houses start at over $400,000, so really we’re trying to buy a townhouse) while the housing market is still down and we can actually afford one. We got pre-approved for a mortgage and everything. We went to view a house a couple weeks ago with our realtor, who is my coworker’s father and therefore had to be hired lest things become uncomfortable in the workplace. We really liked the place we saw, but there were a couple of things we wanted to find out, like the electric bill costs and such, before we could make an offer. The realtor said he could dig that up no problem.

Last week, Perfect Husband called the realtor and left a “What up, yo?” voice mail message. Still nothing. He called again this evening when he got home from work, and… the place sold last week, apparently. Which means we won’t be able to close a sale this month, since this month is almost over and we have no other prospects, which means that we won’t be able to give our landlord a month’s notice in time to move out for August, which means we’ll have to live here an extra month at least. Our rent goes up August first.

We’re meeting with the realtor on Wednesday to see some more units in that complex, but I’m pouty because I had already developed a relationship with that unit. It was newly renovated and lovely, and it had three bedrooms. Three! Two floors, three bedrooms, all new floors and walls… We could raise a family there. I showed videos of it to my mother and I’m all emotionally attached to it, since I’ve been picturing that place as my future home for the past two and a half weeks. I don’t want to see the other stinky poo units, which probably aren’t renovated or anything. I want him to get back that one. Perfect Husband says from the sounds of it, the sale was highly conditional, and we probably could have snuck in with a better offer if we had just gotten a call from the damn realtor!

Since when do we have to convince a realtor to sell us a house?