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I don’t even know why you’re reading this. No one reads the first entry to a blog. Either you are one of my friends who is reading this out of a sense of obligation, or you are a fan who had read back in my archives trying to find the beginning. Either way, I’m impressed with you right now. Marry me?

I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of an introductory blog post to write. I’ve been going through other blogs and and I’ve found that an introductory blog post can be any one of the following styles:

The About Me Post. This is the introductory post where the blogger brings people up to speed on their name, life story and so on. Now, while I do like this kind of a post, I already have that on the Get To Know Me page. So writing it again here seems not just self-centered, but rather self indulgent.

The This Is My Blog Post. This is the one where the blogger basically just says, “hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m going to write in it every day. See you tomorrow!” in the manner of your first dear-diary entry. Sometimes the blogger outlines their intentions for the blog – do they mean to write about poems? Judaism? Infertility? Ritualized blood letting? This kind of post rubs me the wrong way, although I’m not entirely sure why.

The No Obvious Beginning Post. This is the kind where the blogger cracks under the pressure of how to introduce him/herself and just makes a normal post, as if they have been posting all along; the most famous example probably being Dooce, which starts with a post about milk. I tend to find this confusing, and will flounder around through the archives, trying to figure out why I can’t go further back than December, 2004 until I figure out that there is nothing before December, 2004.  I am unwilling to confuse the two or three people who may ever be devoted enough to actually scroll through my archives trying to find out how it all began. Plus I can’t decide on a post that is important enough to be my first “I’ve been doing it all along” post. I feel like whatever I pick to blog about would not be special enough, or would be a little too special.

Frankly I don’t like any of these options. So I’m doing none of them! How do you like that?

Now that my blog has an introductory post, I can actualy start blogging. Yay!